In May, 2011, I was invited to show thirty-three of my photographs at the beautiful Yunnan Yen Xiaocen Art Museum in Kunming, People’s Republic of China.   Curated by Li Ji, a renowned artist, professor of art, and owner of the Nordica Gallery in Kunming, the photographs were selected primarily from prior exhibitions.   Some were shown at the 2nd Annual International Photography Exhibition, in Dali, China in 2010, also curated by Li Ji and Shi Meng, a fellow professor and photographer, working with Li Ji.


I was very honored by this opportunity, and am thankful to Li Ji and Shi Meng, their students, fellow artists, families, and friends for their hospitality, generosity and professional support.  I am especially grateful to my dear friend Uttara Sarkar-Crees, for introducing me to them.  

Red Brown White Street Marker MassMoCA Red Blue Vertical Tar in Hommage to Lee Miller Ice 2 Ice 29 Ice 7 Ice 8  Turbanned-Man-in-Bus  Thinking Man Pushkar Louche Lady Trees and Fog 3Tress and Fog 2Tress and Fog 1 Pink Beauty B&W    Cellphone Beauty B&W   Red Haired Devil  B&W   Portrait in Black B&W People Were HereTurning Point  I Exist Citibank Billboard  Used Up Billboard   Jaberwocky Pink & Green Rust Rust with Blue Diamond  Blue Rust with Black  Untitled Rust #2  Untitled Rust #1  Blue Swirl with Orange  Yellow Rust 4  Rusted Shed 2