Even after many years, New York continues to surprise and delight me.  On some days it speaks to me in black and white.  On others, the brilliance of its color begs for my attention.  


I love the energy of New York.  I love its vitality and drive.  I love its quiet moments as well.  The ones where you either don't know someone's watching, or don't care.  


Welcome to my very personal vision of New York. 

Brooklyn MeditationFriends.  Washington Square Park 2012Washington Square Park Skateboarder Launch May 2013Washington Square Park Skateboard Takeoff!  May 2013Walking the Dog.  Washington Square Park 2012Tree Walker, Washington Square Park 2012Pier 17 Fire.  South Street Seaport 2012Storage Tanks Newtown Creek 2012Abandoned Car Newtown Creek 2012Belmont Park 2012Brooklyn Wedding Party